RunFit Event Card 2017

2017 eventcardThe RunFit Event Card also makes for a great HOLIDAY GIFT!

RunFit is proud to introduce the 2017 RunFit Event Card with more events to choose from. Whether or not you are a frequent RunFit participant, you will appreciate the savings past onto you by using the RunFit Event Card. You select the event(s) you would like to participate in throughout the year and put your personal identification number on the event registration form. All eligible RunFit Event Card events are listed on the bottom of the RunFit Event Card Registration Form. You then put your RunFit Identification number on the top right hand corner of the event registration form and mail it in! Please note: 2 “punches” is equal to one Half Marathon. For example, if you purchase the 6 Event Card you may select 4 10K’s (or a combination of 10K’s and 5K’s totaling 4) and one Half Marathon. Either way, you benefit from the savings past on to you. 

If you are interested in the RunFit Event Card, please complete the RunFit Event Registration Form and mail. If you would like more information concerning the RunFit Event Card please contact us at the information below: Note: The RunFit Event Card is non-transferable and no refunds.


Note: The RunFit Event Card is non-transferable and no refunds.

Stephen Pino
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